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Free Taylor Swift Wonderstruck SampleWe have another Facebook freebie this morning and it’s for a Free Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Fragrance Sample. To get your sample, just LIKE Taylor Swift Wonderstruck on Facebook and then fill out the form!

I know you ladies are liking these free fragrance samples based on the number of LIKES these posts get. Thanks!

Click Here To Get Your Free Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Fragrance Sample

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13 Responses to “Free Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Fragrance Sample”

  1. Like

  2. can’t fill out sample request. please help.

  3. LIKE the page and allow it to connect (you can remove that later). You should then see the form for the Free Wonderstruck sample.

  4. can’t wait to smell wonderstruck

  5. I can’t wait to try her sample. I’m sure I’ll like it.

  6. I do not have a cell phone. Should I be penalized for not having such and not allowed to receive sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If I recall, you are not required to enter a cell phone number. I didn’t.

  8. I did the LIKE and it gave me nothing that looked like a form. Please make it more simple for people like me!!

  9. Shelia, Maybe try refreshing the page?

  10. I went to the page and did not get any form to fill out.

  11. We’re sorry, samples are no longer available

    Thank you for your interest in Wonderstruck, the new fragrance from Taylor Swift. Please visit your nearest Macy’s to experience the fragrance.

  12. I was not all that impressed with her fragrance at all. It did not smell worth the 59.00 she was expecting for a tiny bottle of her perfume.


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